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Faust.js Next.js config

Faust.js provides a default configuration object regarding Static Site Generation when using the getNextStaticProps.

The config object provides a default value for the revalidate property. By default, in Next.js this is false and the page re-generation will not happen. Using Faust.js when using the getNextStaticProps function it applies the config object to the result.

export async function getStaticProps(context: GetStaticPropsContext) {
return getNextStaticProps(context, {
Page: MyPage,
props: {
title: 'Recent Posts',
}); // here revalidate property is set to 15 minutes


The Config object has the following properties:

  • revalidate: The revalidate property is the amount in seconds after which a page re-generation can occur (defaults to 900 seconds).